• Lindsay Armstrong, Playboy Lover
  • Helen Bianchin, Desert Mistress
  • Emma Darcy, Mischief and Marriage
  • Lilian Darcy, Demi’s Diagnosis
  • Angela Devine, The Perfect Man
  • Victoria Gordon, Beguiled and Bedazzled
  • Miranda Lee, Rendezvous with Revenge
  • Marion Lennox, Prescription: One Husband
  • Margaret Way, A Faulkner Possession
  • Meredith Webber, Wings of Passion


  • Emma Darcy, The Hot-Blooded Groom
  • Anne Gracie, Tallie’s Knight
  • Barbara Hannay, Outback Baby
  • Bronwyn Jameson, In Bed with the Boss’s Daughter
  • Alison Kelly, The Baby Deal
  • Joan Kilby, The Second Promise
  • Miranda Lee, Just a Little Sex
  • Marion Lennox, Their Baby Bargain
  • Valerie Parv, Booties and the Beast
  • Margaret Way, Master of Maramba


  • Amy Andrews, Mission: Mountain Rescue
  • Emma Darcy, The Playboy Boss’s Chosen Bride
  • Barbara Hannay, Claiming the Cattleman’s Heart
  • Joan Kilby, Beach Baby
  • Marion Lennox, Princess of Convenience
  • Carol Marinelli, Needed: Full-Time Father
  • Nicola Marsh, Found: His Family
  • Leah Martyn, A Mother for His Baby
  • Sarah Mayberry, Cruise Control
  • Fiona McArthur, The Doctor’s Surprise Bride


  • Amy Andrews, Rescued by the Dreamy Doc
  • Anna Cleary, Do Not Disturb
  • Emma Darcy, The Costarella Conquest
  • Barbara Hannay, Rancher’s Twins: Mum Needed
  • Kelly Hunter, With This Fling
  • Leonie Knight, Suddenly Single Sophie
  • Marion Lennox, Dynamite Doc or Christmas Dad?
  • Nikki Logan, Friends to Forever
  • Carol Marinelli, The Devil Wears Kolovsky (also published as A Bride for Kolovsky)
  • Annie West, Prince of Scandal


  • Leah Ashton, The Billionaire from Her Past
  • Kandy Shepherd, The Greek Tycoon’s Mistletoe Proposal
  • Michelle Douglas, A Deal to Mend Their Marriage
  • Lucy Ellis, Kept at the Argentine’s Command
  • Barbara Hannay, The Husband She’d Never Met
  • Miranda Lee, The Playboy’s Ruthless Pursuit
  • Marion Lennox, Stepping Into the Prince’s World
  • Stefanie London, A Dangerously Sexy Affair
  • Carol Marinelli, The Socialite’s Secret
  • Melanie Milburne, The Most Scandalous Ravensdale