As someone who is impartial to the calmness of a colour-coordinated bookshelf, receiving our #loveyourshelfies has been a delight! Some may malign the trend as OCD gone overboard, but Apartment Therapy published a defence in 2012.

Here are the reasons they gave:


  1. It can be practical


Mills & Boon titles obviously lend themselves to being organised by colour if grouped together by line or edition. Looking for a 1996 title? Some of our most organised book hunters may know what colour to look for.



  1. Admit it: it looks good


Proof in the below!



  1. Books are things, too


This is what we’re really interested in mapping in this project. Where does the ‘thing’ of the book end up? What edition? In what context? How did you stumble across it?



Are you organising your books by colour? Let us know!