Today – January 25 – is Library Shelfie Day. On Twitter, Instagram, and a bunch of other platforms, people are posting pics of library shelves with the hashtag #libraryshelfie.

And you know what you often find on the shelves of libraries? Mills & Boon books, of course!

Mills & Boon spinner at Ashfield Library, December 2016

We’ve had several shelfies come in of our fifty books on library shelves, and they’re all super interesting. We’ve even found copies of our books in other languages!

So when you’re taking library shelfies today, keep an eye out for our fifty books. Who knows? Maybe you can add #loveyourshelfie to that #libraryshelfie hashtag…

Portuguese edition of The Playboy Boss’s Chosen Bride (2006), by Emma Darcy, found at Marrickville Library, December 2016