Christmas is one of the few times I manage to head to my home town of Latrobe in North-West Tasmania. Small town life being what it is, many of the op-shops (volunteer-run) have already closed for the Christmas period.

Not too dispirited, I headed to my local library (built in 1883), a gorgeous old building albeit with a very small library collection. Looking around for a collection, or at least any books with a small heart sticker on them, I quickly come up short.  Latrobe

Contained within, unfortunately for our research purposes, were only three Mills & Boon novels of any type – the librarian explaining that category romance is most often bequeathed to the larger libraries in Devonport and Launceston.

I head back outward to the last beacon of literature in Latrobe – the liquidation centre and I’m in luck! Well, sort of. They do have a dedicated Mills & Boon section, which has bled into the Wilbur Smiths and Alistair Macleans with a highlight display to one side.

Unfortunately for me, it’s a #no50books for today, though the shopkeeper tells me the Mills & Boons are on high rotation, so perhaps another look before I journey back to Hobart is in order. Here’s to hoping the next adventure yields some more results.

Happy hunting!